Self Care for Educators

Taking care of yourself generally falls to the wayside while you take care of educating future generations. 

Burnout and exhaustion are often the mantra of those of us in education.

Let's change this story and develop resilience, and calm, stress-free minds while enjoying health, vibrancy and balance in all areas of your life.

Join the wave of the future and become a successful 21st Century educator! 


Simple Self-Care Techniques

The Sanity Club membership journey gives you the tools and techniques needed to care for yourself in as little as 5 minutes three times per day!

Self-Discovery to


Until you are truly comfortable with who you are, it will be challenging to feel calm and peaceful everyday. The Sanity Club gives you the tools to develop a balanced body-mind. 

Work-Life Balance

Educators spend many hours of personal time completing their job requirements. Learning how to create balance in the body-mind, allows us to create a positive, stress-free balanced life.