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Hillary is the go-to stress reduction expert for educators. Under her guidance and coaching her clients learn stress reducing techniques so that they enjoy success & vibrant wellbeing.

Busy leaders and educators, who are looking to ditch stress for more success, vibrant health, wellbeing and harmonious personal and work relationships look to coach Hillary for answers.

As an holistic approach to reducing stress has always been her passion, she decided to study techniques which would enable her to help others develop and maintain a healthy balance within mind, body and spirit for empowerment & success. Reduced suffering from depletion, exhaustion and overwhelm are the benefits.

These techniques bring everyone into alignment so that they can live the life they deserve and find their success. And, these amazing techniques are also supported by current scientific research.

With a Master's degree in Education, and an undergraduate in Industrial Psychology, Hillary consults with leaders, teachers & parents. She's developed a wellbeing curriculum (schools using it have amazing success) enabling holistic health techniques (proven by research) to be included in the everyday life of a student. The side effects: students begin to self-regulate, focus more on lessons and behavior improves!!!

Her signature, Sanity Club for Educators, is a subscription program which provides all the wellbeing techniques needed for educators to maintain their sanity, health and wellbeing while navigating the difficulty of teaching in today's world.

She also coaches time-constrained leaders and parents to reduce the effects of the mountains of stress they are under. Leaders, parents, school staff & teachers learn to ditch the stress badge of honor in favor of health, wellbeing, joy and ultimate life success.

Hillary's certifications include: Primordial Sound Meditation and Yoga (Seven Spiritual Laws of Success) through Chopra University; Yoga Calm for Children, Holistic Health Coach (IIN); and a clinically trained Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner through Kerala Ayurveda Academy.

She's completed over 4,000 hours of wellbeing, spiritual and holistic health training in stress reduction and empowerment.

As she's passionate about furthering her skills to bring more techniques and knowledge to her clients, she continues to study and is on track to become an Energy Alignment Mentor. 


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